Alan Dershowitz calls Binyamin Netanyahu an anti-Semite

According to Dershowitz, accusing some American Jews of having a primary loyalty to Israel is speading neo-Nazi propaganda. According to Bibi, all Jews “know deep in their hearts that they have one country: the state of Israel.” Abe Foxman, call your office.

Binyamin Netanyahu, in a Tweet posted today:

“I believe that Jews know deep in their hearts that they have one country – the state of Israel, home for all of us.”

Alan Dershowitz, two years ago:

It’s the kind of virulent hate speech you’d expect to find on a neo-Nazi website or in a Patrick Buchanan column: American Jews who support current Israeli policies are accused of dual loyalty and called “Israel firsters.”

AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) fares even worse: “Saying AIPAC is guilty of dual loyalty is giving it credit for one more loyalty than it holds.”

In other words, this widely respected American organization, and the hundreds of thousands of Jews (and Christians) who support it, have absolutely no loyalty to our nation; their sole loyalty is to the foreign nation of Israel.

This false accusation of disloyalty to country was a central tenet of Nazism, Stalinism and other anti-Semitic regimes. Today, it is the mantra of Jew haters and neo-Nazis.

So, according to Alan Dershowitz, Binyamin Netanyahu is spreading neo-Nazi propaganda.  Abe Foxman, call your office.


Richard Goldstone debunks the “Apartheid Israel” slogan

And does a very nice job of it. Waiting for apologies from those who called him an “anti-Semite” for his criticism of the Gaza mission.

… and does a very nice job of it, though I wish he’d paid more attention to the extent to which the current government is willing to defy the law, or rewrite it when the courts try to enforce Palestinian rights.

It will be interesting to see how many of the extremist Zionists who labelled Goldstone an “anti-Semite” for his critical report of the Gaza operation now admit that they were wrong. I think the over-and-under on that is zero.