Free Access to the New Yorker Profile of Mark Kleiman’s Research

Patrick Keefe’s profile of Mark and his research is now available for free at this link.    This piece weaves a sketch of Mark’s background while also discussing his current research and its relevance to this  important policy debate.   With my ego, I thought about how a similar article could be written about me but I quickly realized that it couldn’t be published.



Author: Matthew E. Kahn

Professor of Economics at UCLA.

3 thoughts on “Free Access to the New Yorker Profile of Mark Kleiman’s Research”

  1. Enjoyed the article — thanks for the link.

    Still having a hard time accepting the idea that behaving exactly like cartels by using organized armed force to eliminate competition, stake out turf, and increase market share will have a net positive outcome for society at large. I’m not seeing it’s superiority to simply allowing price, selection, quality, and convenience undermine the illicit market naturally.

    If anyone is as curious as I was about the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies youtube video mentioned in the article, I’ll save you some time. I found it here. It’s a little over two hours long. Mark’s on at about 1:01:08. Love the shirt!

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