Et tu, Foxman? Then fall, Bibi!

Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League tells Bibi he needs to cancel the the speech.

As JFK said when the Wall Street Journal went after Nixon, “That’s like L’Osservatore Romano criticizing the Pope.”

Foxman’s ADL doesn’t lean nearly as Republican as most of the “official” Jewish organizations in the U.S., but if there was any previous occasion when you could see daylight between ADL’s position and the official Israeli government position, I must have missed it. This gives any Jewish Democrat in Congress who wants to stay home nearly perfect cover.

Now the question for Obama is whether to help Bibi climb down reasonably gracefully, or instead to leave him twisting slowly, slowly in the wind. I’d be inclined to let him twist, but of course the President is a far nicer guy than I ever thought about being.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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2 thoughts on “Et tu, Foxman? Then fall, Bibi!”

  1. It is tempting to leave Bibi twisting in the wind, but the risk is that you end up with a new Prime Minister who is even crazier. Reasonable minds can differ as to whether it's in our interest to take that risk.

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