Cannabis News Round-Up

Massachusetts Senate seeks to tweak, rather than completely overhaul, state’s new marijuana law. Massachusetts House plans to overhaul legal marijuana law. Rhode Island state lawmakers who want to legalize recreational marijuana before retail pot. Rhode Island legislators offer compromise on legal marijuana proposal. Gov. Scott and legislative leaders move towards an agreement on Vermont marijuana legalization bill.

Legal marijuana could be a $5 billion boon to California economy — but some users may stay illegal. Police raids of California marijuana businesses continue to worry the pot industry. New wave of legal marijuana dispensaries coming to San Diego. Do you want to grow marijuana at home? New Los Angeles classes show you how. Los Angeles proposes new regulations on how and where marijuana shops can operate.

Colorado marijuana market funds busts of illegal growers. Lawsuit protects Colorado retail marijuana industry, puts business at risk. Marijuana use among college students on rise following Oregon legalization, study finds. Oregon defends legal marijuana market to feds.

Ruling on Nevada recreational pot extends clash of liquor lobby, medical dealers.

Legal marijuana in Delaware?  Advocates make final push for New York marijuana legalization.
Congress passes act without marijuana banking amendment. Deputy Attorney General takes hard line on legal marijuana. Jeff Sessions begins his campaign to kill legal marijuana. Roger Stone wants Trump to legalize marijuana.

Fertile territory: legal marijuana production blooms on Vancouver Island.