Cannabis News Round-Up

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy pleads guilty in brazen pot heist. This black church hosted a cannabis summit to address business opportunities in legal marijuana industry.

New Hampshire House approves marijuana legalization bill. Vermont Senate votes to legalize marijuana sales, setting up House fight.

What we know about New York plan to legalize marijuana. Equity, home-grown-lots of pot issues as New York legalization nears. New York Republicans aim to stop Cuomo from rushing pot legalization. New York State Police Coalition against marijuana legalization. Cuomo‘s bill to legalize mar­i­juana de­nounced by po­lice.What to know about black market forces threatening New York recreational pot. Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney on New York legalization. New York pot politics.Brooklyn politicians call for fairness and equity in marijuana legalization. Legalizing recreational marijuana in New York could be delayed.

New Jersey governor will legalize marijuana only if records are expunged. Voters would decide if New Jersey legalizes weed under brand new proposal. I spent a night in the New Jersey marijuana black market: business is booming.

Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor marijuana listening tour goes on, but hurdles remain for legalization. How Pennsylvania economy can benefit from the legalization of recreational marijuana. Home growing is crucial to legal pot in Pennsylvania.

Florida lawmakers consider legalizing marijuana for 21 and up. Here’s how likely recreational marijuana legalization is for Florida.

If Illinois legalizes marijuana, we might have a shortage. Why marijuana sales on the black market are blooming in Michigan after legalization. Most in Minnesota support legal marijuana, but logistical questions remain for lawmakers, law enforcement. Minnesota state senator on legalizing recreational marijuana. Rep. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin files bill to protect Indian tribes that legalize marijuana.

Could marijuana reform finally make strides in Texas? Hawaii is very liberal, but in no rush to legalize marijuana. Colorado‘s John Hickenlooper: Federal government shouldn’t decide whether to legalize marijuana.

Junk food purchases increase after recreational marijuana legalization. How the unsteady rise of the pot industry has made dime bags a billion-dollar business. Sweet smell of success? Big business bets on a marijuana boom. Whole Foods CEO: If marijuana becomes legal, our stores might sell it. Colleges add cannabis to the curriculum.

Kamala Harris explains her evolution on marijuana legalization. Kamala Harris‘ father denounces her exploitation of Jamaican marijuana “stereotype.” Cory Booker makes federal marijuana legalization a central campaign push. Bernie Sanders: Too many lives are being destroyed by pot policy. Beto O’Rourke calls for federal marijuana legalization ahead of likely 2020 bid.