Nancy Pelosi’s “attack” on Stephen Colbert and his Super PAC is the cleverest marketing the Democrats have done since the 1964 daisy ad linking the Republican Presidential nominee with nuclear war.  Yes, it’s been a long dry spell; but let’s be grateful for this particular bit of rain.  If nothing else it disproves the canard that feminists don’t have a sense of humor.

Author: Kelly Kleiman

Kelly Kleiman is a freelance writer on the arts, feminism, travel and social justice. Her reportage and essays have appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Christian Science Monitor, among other dailies; in magazines, including In These Times and Dance; in the alternative press; on the BBC; and on Chicago Public Radio, where she’s one of the “Dueling Critics” and a contributor to the Onstage Backstage theater blog. She is also a consultant to charities and editor and publisher of The Nonprofiteer, a blog about charity, philanthropy and nonprofit management. She holds undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Chicago.

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  1. “My friend Newt Gingrich.” Heh. If anyone was wondering whether or not the Gingrich campaign is completely dead or only mostly dead, there’s no need to wonder any longer.

  2. It would’ve been cleverer if she used real Gingrich Super-Pac ads, like the ones hitting Romney below the financial belt. This way she gets to attack Mitt thru Newt. Plausible Deniability. Republicans (like me) may find themselves offended by Newt’s anti-capitalism, and thus discover a new sympathy for disclosure.

    Santorum of course is left untouched, as Pelosi sees nothing wrong with such a surge. This either forces Romney to get his hands dirty, thus weakening him for Obama. Or, ideally, it tricks Republicans into nominating another Goldwater…at which point a daisy ad will likely not even be necessary.

    Republicans will be looking at an electoral map mimicking George Wallace’s (or Adlai Stevenson’s, since his looks just like George’s…which never stops amusing me).

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